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Your Pet’s Second-Best Friend

Professional dog and cat grooming since 2002


(All services require proof of rabies vaccination as required by Texas law)

Walk-in nail clip

Dogs: $10

Cats: $15

All services include bath, nails, ear cleaning, and gland expression unless otherwise requested 


Dog Spa

Spa Package

  • Upgraded shampoo and conditioner to the seasonal scent or soothing oatmeal 

  • teeth brushing with mouth foam rinse,

  • nail filing for a smoothed tip (great for wooden floors, furniture, thin skin)

  • Blueberry facial (For tear stains and eye discharge)

  • Paw Balm for dry and cracked paws

Paint Pots and Brush

Hair dying
(Call for quote)

We use OPAWS permanant haircolor

Please let us know in advance for multiple locations, multicolor designs, full body, or pastels

Hair Clipper and Brush

(Call for quote)

Simple or complex designs carved into the coat. Ranging from hearts and swirls, to roses and pineapple back

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